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One of the major goals of Canada's immigration program is to support the nation's economy and competitiveness. In fact, the following objectives are specifically listed in Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act:

  • to permit Canada to pursue the maximum social, cultural and economic benefits of immigration

  • to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy, in which the benefits of immigration are shared across all regions of Canada                                                                                                                        

In addition to the benefit of bringing individuals with skills, training and experience to Canada, the economic benefits of business immigration include capital investment and job creation for Canadians.


There are a number of Business Immigration pathways available to individuals interested in coming to Canada to open or purchase a business. These options may provide excellent opportunities for people who do not have enough points to meet the qualifications for the Skilled Worker immigration stream through Canada's Express Entry process. Click below for a brief outline of a few of the Business Immigration programs offered by the government of Canada.